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True patriotism can take india to greater heights

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INDIA HAS progressed well with a nine per cent GDP for the past five years. This is good achievement. The present global slow down will however also hamper our rate of development. The high inflation will do the maximum damage. Is the development just a result of over saturation of the West or is it due to the efforts of the smart minds of the nation?

The availability of the resources, good skilled workers, cheaply available labor etc. are some of factors that have helped in the nation’s progress. Can this rate of development be sustained? Yes it can be sustained. But for that we need few more leaders like A P J Abdul Kalam, Narayan Murthy etc. But the most important thing which should be focused upon is inculcating in our people a spirit of strong patriotism. Least attention has been paid to this since our independence, and we have paid a big price for this lapse.
We say with pride that majority of the people working in Silicon Valley are Indians. We boast of the things which make no sense in real life. Can you imagine at what height India would have been if there was no brain drain. If only our young men and women after completing their education abroad did not settle there but returned to their land of birth. This zenith we would have witnessed in the early nineties itself. But the lack of patriotic spirit has played spoil spot.

When anyone wanted to work for the nation they were not given the proper encouragement and support. Example Amar Bose, founder of Bose sound systems. The BRIC report prepared by Goldman Sachs regarding the financial condition of Brazil, Russia, India and china have conspicuously specified that Indian politician are going to be great hurdle in the path of development of the nation. This then is the political image of our nation. This is because of the shortsightedness and self-centeredness of the politicians. Now if this scenario has to be changed then the love for the nation is to be taught to the future generation right from there childhood.

Today condition is that the things within the four wall of the house belong to the individual, and anything outside is government’s property meant for destroying. Mind you do we ever think if government really benefits from this attitude. It is our own money which we pay to the government in the form of tax. The public property is our own property which should be taken care of as we take care of our own home and belongings. Indians must start feel that the nation belongs to them. We should not only feel patriotic on 26th January and 15th August.

We must not appreciate movies like Rang the Basanti and leave the theatre in protest. The youth must feel for the nation and work to uplift the nation. It is now or never. If we truly want India to become a Super Power by 2020 then we must get united and work for it. If do not do so our dreams will only remain a dreams. This failure will weigh heavy on every Indian’s conscience.

All the best youngsters..!!



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