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Album details

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The Album contains following tracks –

1. Muze garv hai....

The song is thrilling, inspiring and at the same time stimulating. A unique idea of network of rivers, flowing from Himalayas to the sea, binding all of us together, and serving the love and warmth of the mother to all of us, through its flowing water, is portrayed in this song.

2. Hausle buland...

The song is composed in a south Indian beat and speaks about making our India and our resolutions strong like steel.

3. Duur…

The song is aimed at stimulating the enthusiasm in our youth to aim at challenging and top targets.

4. Mera sapana hai ...

The song is composed in a Punjabi bhangra style, which speaks about a dream to make our nation top like a crown of the world.

5. Yuva … Naujava…

The song is inspired by Dr. A P J. Abdul kalam’s dream Mission 2020 poems.

6. Masoom koyi…

This song depicts how a poor Indian kid comes up, struggling, facing all odds. The mood of the song is serious and heart touching.

In all, the overall album is aimed at rushing the youth blood with enthusiasm, resolution, and patriotism, at the same time taking care of their likings as a music.


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