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The Hindi Songs Music Album - 1ndian - is released !

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Doubting of Patriotism is Serious.
Complaining of Patriotism is Bad.
Talking of Patriotism is Good!
Singing of Patriotism is Better!!
And Singing of Patriotism and thrilling and Rocking on it, is Best of All!!!

So let's Sing, thrill and Rock!!!!!
And here we present the rocking, energetic Hindi patriotic Song Album -
Today it’s our immense pleasure to release the Music Album – 1ndian online … to the disposal of all proud Indians !.
Music Album - 1ndian by 1ndian
Lyrics - Sunil Doiphode
Music - Suhas - Pramod
Singers - Suhas - Pramod
Produced by - Shashikant Ghate ( Mahant Media)

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The album is dedicated to the Indian patriotic fraternity and to our deep feeling for our country. We also dedicate this album to the memories of our beloved friend Late. Mr. Pramod, who had played an important role of Composer and Singer jointly with Mr. Suhas, for this music album We are sure that his soul will rest in peace after seeing his work released!.

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चाहे देर हो जाए भगवान से जुडनेमे
वो कल भी होगा
कुछ नहीं बिगड़ जायेगा
पर देर ना हो हिंदुस्तान से जुडनेमे
वो आज तो है
पता नहीं कल उजड़ जायेगा


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